Jason William Hunt Foundation
Supporting Families in Crisis Through Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs

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We Are Temporarily Not Accepting Aid Applications. We expect to be back by March 1st, 2020. We will post when we are again open to applications.

Walking With Jason Video

Mission Statement

Building Character Through Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions

The Foundation's mission is to perpetuate Jason's spirit and love as exemplified by his work with youth with needs in the outdoor setting. The Foundation will provide financial aid for teens at-risk to attend to Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs (TWE) and grants to qualified outdoor educators / leader training programs. 

The Foundation has its beginnings in the spirit of Jason William Hunt, a man who set out to discover his true self through the experiences that only the outdoors can teach. Through Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions, his life was pointed on a course that brought hope, self-worth, direction and confidence to the teens at-risk that he met.

As a mentor in outdoor wilderness schools, Jason combined what he learned in the outdoor setting with his skills, his energy, and his compassion for others in order to help teens needing support discover their inner value. Jason entered the lives of teens with needs and focused on helping them realize their potential and worth as individuals. He was making a measurable difference in each life he touched. He was making an impact.

Just as he was beginning to come into his own, an unfortunate mountain climbing accident took his life on October 13, 2001 in Squamish, British Columbia.

The Foundation begins where Jason left off by perpetuating his spirit and love as exemplified through his work with children with needs. Although Jason is gone, teens have a way to realize their potential as if Jason himself were by their side, guiding them each step of the way. Through the Foundation that bears his name, Jason is more than a man who had helped improve lives. Jason has become hundreds of men and women coming together to benefit countless families in crisis through Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions programs..  

Let Jason's work continue through you.​​