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Walking With Jason Video

And God Called Jason Home

Created By K T DeSantis of Allen Park, CO, October, 2001.

During the nine days of Jason's hospitalization family and friends stayed in contact via email. John used this phrase as the title of his e-mail announcing Jason's death.

When KT traveled to Cincinnati for the funeral, she brought  with her this metal sculpture. She presented it to the family as her special gift. 

The piece incorporates an angel, on the left, with Jason. The angel is taking Jason home. Surrounding them are the moon, stars, and birds.  Between them is God's large heart.

Jason and the angel are connected at their legs by a banner that reads:  "We Love You Jason."

Diagonally, across the angel's body, from right leg to left chest, is stamped  "And God Called Jason Home."  
On the left leg is the word "Beauty."

On Jason's body, from upper right chest to lower left leg, is stamped:
"You will live in our hearts forever." 
On his right leg is the word: "Strength." 
Over his chest is the word: "Grace."
Jason's heart is larger than the angel's.

This work also represents an Outdoor Experiential Education leader working with a participant in the outdoors.  Connected among the birds, stars, and the moon together they explore the possibilities of personal development. It stands for what this Foundation is about.  KT was kind enough to design the Foundation Logo as seen to the left. 

 A Special Thanks to KT for her support.