Jason William Hunt Foundation 
Supporting Youth With Needs Through Outdoor Experiential Educationn

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 Jason W. Hunt Memorial  Challenge 
Warren Wilson College
Asheville, North Carolina

Sponsored by the Outing Department, teams of three compete over backcountry terrain: fun , mud, and 
the great outdoors. This is an annual event held in the Fall.

Jason Michaels, Outing Director, created this event in 2004.  Here is his explanation:
 It's a challenge for teams of 3 (students or staff of the college), the course is not revealed until the morning of the event, 
it's an orienteering course that leads the teams to check points, some are simple control points to help determine the course, some are staffed checkpoints that present the teams with various challenges..... It is a small scale event, and only open to the WWC community, however it would honor a member of our community and those of us whom Jason's memory 
is forever alive. Would you feel comfortable with us renaming the event the Jason W. Hunt Memorial Challenge and introducing the foundation and it's mission to those community members not already familiar?
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2015 Co-Winner
Nick Stuer
Remy Sutherland
Calder Gladstone

Tyler Kelly
Alex Guyton
Chris Hawley

2011 Co-Winner
Phelan O'Connor (3X)
Elisa Otter (2X)
Lily Walton

Chelsea Gay
John Wright
Phelan O'Connor

Lateef Cannon 
Ryan Morra 
Emily Holzer

2015 Co-Winner
Lianna Koberoski
Gabe Whitlock
Erica Oliver

Miron Golfman
Wendy Elliot
Dylan Johnson

2011 Co-Winner
Eva Wilson
Linden Blaisus
Molly Friedland

Kevin Lane
Chelsea Gay
John Wright

Melissa Locke
Tim O'Connor
Eric Wardwell

Nirmal de Alwis
Nell Anthony
Skyla Delerme

Lilly Hacker
Eric Damdoft
Oliver Mednick

Cassey Tane
Elisa Otter
Phelan O'Connor (2X)

Hart Dahlhauser
Shannon Saville
Pat Addabbo

Sam Haskett
Austin Wright
Ady Wigmans
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