Jason William Hunt Foundation
Supporting Youth With Needs Through Outdoor Experiential Education
Time, Talent, and Treasure

The Foundation is a conduit for funding therapeutic wilderness expeditions programs.  We gladly accept donations as well as we  promote events that get people outdoors for fun and personal development.  

It is our goal to see numerous events held annually in different parts of the country. Each event should focus on helping a local OEE program as the need is everywhere. Such activities  should also expose the community to the opportunities of OEE:
1. Outdoor activities: run/walk, bike, water sports, etc.
2. Team and or individual.
3. Tied to a larger fun/party event.

All fund raising events must also be fun happenings. This plan does not suggest any particular activity; but, it does hope the event be as inclusive as possible by appealing to a large market of participants.  It should be more than just the activity by itself.  Free merchandise, food booths, music, info booths (health tips/testing, crafts, OEE businesses) create added appeal.

Time, Talent, and Treasure are three ways of helping the Foundation. Each is important in its own way and greatly appreciated.

Volunteers are needed with time to dream and to help make each event work smoothly: planning, safety, marketing, advertising, sponsor contacts, website management and event day details to name a few. Each event has it own set of requirements and demands which are staggering. 

Special skills are always needed and their donation saves the Foundation from sizeable expenses.

Donations are accepted. Checks may be sent to the Jason William Hunt Foundation, 1070 Ridgepoint Dr., Batavia, OH 45103-2678. Donations by way of credit card, bank card, and / or Paypal account may be accomplished by clicking on the Donations button on the left.

You can also help by naming the foundation as your charity of choice  for donations from your on-line activities through three three vendors:below. By using their respective services an amount will be donated to the foundation at no additional cost to you.

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If you have questions or wish to discuss your options please click the Contact button on the left.
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