Sponsorship/Grant Criteria
Jason William Hunt Foundation
Supporting Families in Crisis Through Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs

Scholarship Funding
Youth Recipient:
1. Accepted for admissions by a recognized therapeutic wilderness expedition treatment program 
2. Parent believes there is potential for benefit from program.
3. Viewed at risk by parents, court, social services, and/or school.
4. Financial need.
5. Between 12 -17 years of age.

Grant Funding

Clinical First Responder (CFR I & CFR II)  https://peakexperiencetraining.com/clinical-first-responder
The Clinical First Responder Training™ helps staff become better equipped to handle day to day treatment issues and to respond appropriately to the inevitable crises that occur in programs. The end result is a more competent and confident staff and a more effective and professional program.

JWHF will consider providing grant assistance not to exceed 50% of the costs. Applicants must be currently employed by one of our TWE programs.We will issue one grant per class.

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This page was last updated: August 3, 2019
Application Process          
    1) Read details below. If child and program match up then
    2) Select & Apply to a qualified therapeutic wilderness expedition treatment program (TWE section below)
    3) Email their admissions office and copy us permission for TWE to talk to JWHF.
    4) Email John@jwhf.org requesting help include in email: 
            a. must be in the admission process to apply
            b. the expected start date or may have just started within week
            c. name of child
            d. short explanation of situation (including income level and size of family)
            e. home city/state
            f.  name of TWE program
            g. name of person handling admission process at program (include email)
        `   h. How did you find JWHF - referred, website, promotional poster or ....
NOTE: A) Your email is your application.  
            B) Currently JWHF does not support boarding/transitional/residential programs
            C) When emailing JWHF keep all emails in the same string. Do not open new email for additional                                     comments.This facilitates keeping our records, actions, and  thoughts together.
The decision a parent makes to send a child away to a treatment program can be deeply emotional and even traumatic for the parents as well as the child. There is a sense of parental failure, of "giving up" parental responsibility or parental control. Questions without answers abound. Words fail to fully convey the reasoning, the need for such drastic measures in face of what is, for some, the last option. Vicki Watkins, a good friend, has written a poem about her life and the necessity for that type of dramatic separation. She wrote it at age 30 during a period of hospitalization and treatment as she fought to regain control of her own life that was spinning rapidly out of control. Loving Me
TWE - Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs: (click here affiliated list)
1. Our affiliated TWEs are members of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (https://obhcouncil.com)
2. Provide a wilderness expedition experience: 40 or more days of continuous overnight expedition
4. USA based / USA sites
5. Programs offers follow-up help as needed 
6. TWE matches JWHF dollar for dollar in credits, discounts, rate adjustments, etc.
What are Therapeutic Wilderness Expedition Treatment Programs compared to  other outdoor programs (ex Outward Bound) For an overview here is a blog from Outward Bound and Dr. Christine Norton, LCSW, a major researcher at Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council. Click TWE