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This page samples available staff training programs.  It is in no way complete both as to the number of training facilities and the types of programs offered. But, this page will give you an idea as to the types of training available.

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Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, GA,
Bachelor program in Outdoor Leadership
Masters degree (MEd.) in Education  Outdoor Education Administration
Outdoor Center provides hands on training as well as outreach opportunities.

National Outdoor Leadership School, Lander, WY, (1965)
Started by Paul Petzoldt to provide qualified staff for Outward Bound facilities. Today, NOLS is considered the premier outdoor skill and leadership training program. All locations are owned and operated by the central office.  Each offers the same courses, only the environment varies.

North Carolina Outward Bound, Asheville, NC,  (1966)
The Four Pillar philosophy
·Craftsmanship:  if worth doing, do it right
·Self-reliance:  responsible for own success
·Fitness:  maintain a healthy routine for life
·Compassion:  service to others for internal growth

Operating under the common slogan "To Serve To Strive And Not To Yield" each OBS has been independently operated. Recently, OB National has begun a more centralized curriculum program. Additionally, Pacific Crest OB & Colorado OB have merged into OB Western. NCOBS, while still independent, is recognized for its excellent leadership program.

Outdoor Action Guide
provides on-line databases of  schools directories and job offerings

Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities (1976)  
A school dedicated to teaching Wilderness and Emergency Medicine.

Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC, (1993)
A four year degree program in Outdoor leadership incorporating hands on technical skill and leadership training with classroom course for administrative issues. Outing Center provides hands-on technical skills and leadership training. Students also study at NCOBS, which is just down the road.

Wilderness Medical Associates (1978)

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