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Loving Me

It’s not that I don’t love you – I think you know I do 
But your tongue is like a knife that leaves my soul to bleed
And leaving you behind is the only way I’ll be free
It’s not that I don’t want to see you or want you to be near 
It’s just the values I hold precious you don’t see are dear
I don’t know why we are fighting, we never see eye to eye 
When I try to say you’ve hurt me, you just try to deny
No longer can I struggle and keep the peace
So I guess my saying goodbye is the only way it’ll cease 
It’s not that I won’t miss you: I think you now I will
But I must protect my spirit that you are trying hard to kill 
It’s not an easy thing to do, to turn and run away
But I’m looking towards tomorrow with the hope of a new day 
I think I’ll be okay now, although it’s a long road ahead
I’m going to love myself now and know the abuse is dead 
I’ll always love you dearly, deep inside my heart
But loving myself now is why we must part
Vicki Watkins, LifeWay 1991

Reprinted with Vicki Watkins’ permission. 
Available in both published works
Against The Tide, A book of life poems Outskirt Press 2013 Vicki Watkins
Loving Me, Autobiography Outskirt Press 2016 Vicki Watkins & John Hunt