Jason William Hunt Foundation
Supporting Youth With Needs Through Outdoor Experiential Education
The Jason William Hunt Foundation is an Ohio Not-for-Profit Corporation.
Federal Employer Identification Number is 30-0131870.
We operate as a  501(C) (3) Charitable Organization.
This page was last updated: August 24, 2014
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Path #1
Click on cover to learn more about the life changing benefits of Therapeutic Wilderness Expeditions. Use sidebar buttons to navigate.
Remember, you may move between these three paths by clicking on the respective icon located in the upper corner of the sidebar.
Path #2
Jason's Memorial
click on Jason's picture at left to open his memorial home page. Use sidebar buttons to navigate..

3 Paths - Each Opened By Its Icon
By clicking on an icon below (Foundation's logo, Jason's picture, book's cover) you will be taken to the respective home page. Once there you can naviagate that path by using the left sidebar's buttons. To move to another path, click on the respective icon found in the upper corner of the sidebar.
Click Here for Jason's Memorial Home Page
Path #3
Foundation & Outdoor Experiential Education - You are on the Foundation's home page, to learn more about the foundation, its mission, and outdoor experiental education use the sidebar buttons.
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